Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Motif 4: Mignonette motifs

I got delayed by mid-terms and missing camera batteries, but now I can finally push down my picture of defeat. Here are some motifs from my lone Japanese tatting book, all with bits of mignonette. The white one is in DMC Cebelia 10, the pink ones in DMC Cebelia 20.

Right now, I'm taking course on multimedia technologies. It's a hands-on course, and one of the assignments is to create a magazine page using Adobe Illustrator. For my assignment, I decided to make a page for an imaginary tatting magazine, with a diagram for a little tatted butterfly (DMC Cebelia 20, dyed with batik colours) by Anna Wuerfle Brown.

My little lady grabbed this out of my hands when I showed it to her. Then she got out a roll of sticky tape and stuck it on to her dress. I guess that one way to accessorize.