Monday, January 23, 2012

Motif 19: Flower medallion

In my last post I showed a set of unfinished motifs.  Here's the first one.  It's a medallion from the flower garden cluster in the 'Tatter's Treasure Chest'.  I like the little sprays of leaves.  I think it gives the whole a 'vintage' feel.

I used split rings throughout to get from motif to motif. I almost always use split rings to climb out of rounds, but for motifs like this, I'm never sure if they are the right choice.  Cut-and-tie results in bulky ends to hide, but split rings also distort the shape of the rings, turning them into footballs instead of ovals.  Still, it's a pretty pink.  Perhaps the little lady is due for a new dress?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Motif 18: Forever doily

I had some quite time at the end of last year, so I tatted and tatted.  The first thing I have to show for my tatting spree is this doily.  I joined a tat-along on the Malaysian Tatters facebook group earlier this year.  The pattern was a clover doily by Eileen Stafford.  I over-complicated things by adding beads.  After many starts and stops, the last double stitch was completed a few days ago.

Somehow, finishing wasn't very satisfying.  Finally, I bit the bullet.  First, the doily got a good wash (it really needed it after being carried around in my bag for almost a year).  Then I stretched it into shape on an old cloth diaper, covered with another diaper and stacked a pile of books on it.  Here's the result.

Much more satisfying!  I also tatted these...

Here are 7 indistinct blobs of tatting.  Inspired by the header of the 25 motif challenge blog, I made a medallion, a snowflake, a heart, a bookmark, a butterfly, a pair of earrings and a small bit of tatting.  Looking all those messy ends, I'm starting to question the wisdom of my 'tat first, finish later' approach.  Considering how long it takes me to finish, block and photograph things, it might be another year before I finish writing up the posts for all of these.