Monday, February 28, 2011

Drowning in deadlines

I think I will make that title a recurring theme.  Being a free lancer is a great way to have time with your kids, but it can be feast or famine.  Right now, I'm festing on work, starving for crafty time.

Before the deadlines got me, I was happily following along with Jane Eborall's latest TIAS.  I only just finished it last week and got the ends woven in yesterday.

The blue is Altin Basak metallic polyester as recommended by Jane Eborall.  It's just as nice as she claims.  Unfortunately,  I've beeen told by a Turkish supplier that the thread is now discontinued.  The silver is another brand of metallic polyester.  It isn't nearly as nice. I have some Oren Bayan that feels about the same as the Altin Basak although I haven't managed to tat with it yet.  Unfortunately, it's about twice as expensive.  Sigh, why do cheap, good things get discontinued?

There was still some thread on the shuttles, and I had some beads from a bracelet the little lady broke. So I'm working on this little split ring bracelet.  I'm not sure I like the effect.  The thread's a bit too skinny to balance the beads, and stiffness of the thread makes the picots look spiky instead of loopy.  Still, the little lady is small enough that it will only take a few more repeats to fit her.  I think I'll just finish it off for her to wear.