Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Utilitarian and reversible

Deadlines are thick on the ground, so I can't seem to manage any crafts that require counting higher than two.  Tatting is right out.  That leaves me with garter stitch knitting, crochet snakes, and strangely, fine hand embroidery.

I've also been doing some machine sewing of the utilitarian sort.  First is a set of chair covers and bags.

The chair covers are to save my mother's lovely solid wood chairs from having felt glued to their backs.  My mother wanted to put the chairs against the wall, but was afraid the backs would scratch the wall.  The bags are a wedding gift for a friend.

Next are some quick draw string bags to hold the birthday loot from my little guy's big day last week.  There were three, but the last one went home with my nephew.

I think household stuff works better and lasts longer if it's lined.  If I'm going to go to the trouble of lining something, I might as well make it reversible.  Everything here is reversible, which is why there are two pictures of everything.