Monday, May 26, 2014

Thomas Cup Temari

I've still got a few more temari I want to make before the threads get put away.  This one is the Empress design from Barbara B. Suess's Japanese Temari book.

Here's the latest one.  It's a minor variation of the Blue Arrows pattern from the same book.

I stitched on it while watching the Thomas Cup finals.  I'm not much interested in sports, but for some reason, I'm patriotic about badminton.  At the end of the final match, I almost didn't have the heart to finish this.  As a Malaysian, watching Japan win was just heartbreaking.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Granny dolls

My kids were doing a group reading activity that required a 'granny' prop.  I got bit ambitious and thought I'd try and make a granny amigurumi.  I started one but didn't finish on time, so we used these dolls instead.

The little lady made these with me a while back.  They are the Sleepover pals from Hillary Lang's Wee Wonderfuls book.  The little lady and I have very different tastes, so making things together is an interesting process.  I hope she looks back fondly on these as she gets older.

I finished the amigurumi granny a few days ago.  It's from the Little Red Riding Hood pattern by Irene Strange.

In the end, it's probably better that I didn't finish the doll in time.  If the kids had flipped the doll over, they would have seen this sinister character!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Temari

I got the urge to make temari this weekend.  This one is the Bellflower from Barbara Suess's Japanese Temari book.  I didn't pay attention to the instructions, so I mine looks more like an orange slice than a flower.

I got distracted while doing google searches for temari making instructions.  I found images of koma ornaments, then I found instructions, and made one of my own.

So that's my crafting haul for the weekend; two Japanese ornaments.