Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sun dresses

It's hot here.  You'd think that being in a tropical country, this would be an obvious statement.  Right now though, it's hotter than normal.   It's almost too hot to tat since the double knots won't form properly when the thread is wet, and sweaty hands make for wet thread.  It's almost too hot to crochet and knit, because who wants to look at warm yarn or wool when it's hot.

So what's a crafter to do?  Make sun dresses!

The first is a dress for a neighbour's one year old.  It's made from a batik sarong.  The sarongs in Malaysia have borders and panels in different patterns.  So if you cut the pieces right, you can get nice hems without any effort.

For the finishing touch, I put little green flower buttons.

Next is a dress for the little lady.  Clothes for the little lady always involve a lenghty discussion about fashion sense and sensibility.  In this case she chose the fabric herself (Can't fault her taste there.  I'd have snagged the piece for myself if she hadn't picked it first).  Then she told me it should be a princess dress! with puff sleeves! and bows! and hearts!  I told here, ummm....  how about some flowers...

So, a few ribbon flowers on the bodice, and a few more along the hem, and we are both happy.  I avoid making puff sleeves, and she has a 'be-u-diful' dress.