Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Around the neck

I've been making things that go around the neck lately.  It's rather strange because they take sooooo long (necks being much bigger around than wrists).  Perhaps I am in a patient mood.

This one is a vintage pattern from an Anne Orr book. There are two little mistakes in there that are driving me nuts.  I may end up making another one in pure white, just to correct the mistakes.  I'm not sure I'll ever feel 'girlish' enough to wear this one.

Here's a little beaded and braided necklace.  This one is light enough I may actually wear it.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What is the plural of Tardis?

It's hard to make just one bookmark. I started making a bookmark for my son's favourite teacher. I tat in public, when I wait for my kids' classes, so I ended up getting requests. Bookmarks are a quick tat, and great for using up stash, so I had a hard time saying no. I've made 6 so far.

From left to right:
Flowering Quatrain, design by Joƫlle Paulson
Anastasia bookmark, design by Kersti Anear
Russian bookmark, design by Vilushka
Tardis bookmark, design by Anne Bruvold