Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Motif 5: A bit of edging

I had an eventful month that robbed me of the will to do anything except eat, sleep and watch movies. The good thing is I'm too scatter-brained to maintain a funk for long. So the shuttles are starting to move again, the keyboard keys are clicking.

Here's a little tatted edging made with the last of my DMC cordonette 10 (It's from the book 'Tatting Ideas' by Yusai Shokoin). I have nostalic thoughts as I use up this ball. It's the first ball of thread that I bought specifically for tatting. Before that, I'd been trying to teach myself to tat using a huge ball of acrylic yarn. The results were less than encouraging.

Here's the inside of the bag. Those little dragonflies are at least three years. Let's not look too closely, eh? My joins were still a little iffy back then.

These are my two latest baju kurung. The yellow one almost fell victim to my 80% rule. My 80% rule dictates that only 80% of the garments I make end up being wearable.

The yellow cloth was a remnant. I knew there wasn't enough, but I loved the colour too much to resist. I decided to reduce my usual measurements a little bit. Since I usually cut loosely, I thought I'd be OK. When it was finished, I was able to wear it, but the result was miserably unflattering. After much foot stomping, I finally cut it down and turned it into a baju kedah for my mother. It fits her beautifully. She even looks better in yellow than I do. Sigh...

The black one fits fine, but Malaysia is in the middle of a heat wave. It's not the most comfotable thing to wear right now.


  1. i love baju kedah.. the sleeves won't in ur way when doing house chores :)

  2. Hi Kak Dzue,
    Yes, baju kedah are perfect for that reason. My baju kurung sleeves are always getting dipped in kari.