Monday, July 19, 2010

Motif 9: Snowflakes

It's already July and I'm still in single digits for the 25 motif challenge. Either I've got to tat faster or stop grouping my motifs. Oh well, I it is supposed to be a challenge. It wouldn't be fun otherwise.

Motif 9 is a trio of snowflakes done in DMC 80. The first is pristine white, but those darn colours were impossible to resist.

The first is Jon Yusof's 'Hearts in a Snowflake'. I really like working Jon's designs. Her diagrams are very clear. I didn't block it properly, so the hearts don't show. The second is a round snow crystal from 'Tatter's treasure chest' and third is Kira's Star by Birgit Phelps. I can't seem to find the pattern online anymore.

I'm contemplating a largish design in size 80 so these snow flakes are for practice. For the past year, I've tried to to do front and back side tatting. I do modern joins (as taught by Teri Dusenbury) and I post my shuttle back to front (as outlined on Elizabeth's Lace).

My tatting still doesn't look that professional, but I think the picots and joins are getting better, so I figure it's worth the effort. However, with these itty-bitty snowflakes, I can barely see the stitches. At this size, wonder if it's still worth the effort...


  1. Beautiful work.

  2. Salam Surya, it is worth the effort if you enjoy doing it.

    I seldom work with size 80 thread. When I do, I make sure that the design is something that I really want to do and will not grow out on me. One example of my size 80 tatting is this
    one here. It is simple design by Anne Orr but slightly modified. I was anxious to see how big this project is going to end up that I did not tat anything else until I finished it.

  3. I love your snowflakes!!!
    I can see the hearts in your snowflake, where I cannot see them in the one I did.
    And I love the pastel one! :)

  4. Thank's Josie, Jon and Sue.

    Jon, I like how you put it; it's worth the effort if it's enjoyable. On the whole, I do enjoy back and front side tatting. It lets me slow down and enjoy the process more.

  5. Your work on tatting is beautiful. I've always wanted to learn to do tatting. I have to learn. I hope I can be as good at it as you are someday!