Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lost row

I lost the last row of my current doily to stupiditis (missed the first ring of the row), so no finished tatting today. Grrr...
I've decided to console myself with cookies or, since it's fasting month, just a picture of some cookies.

These are the cookies from my daughter's birthday goody bag last week. I bought pink sanding sugar because the little lady loves pink. Now I am spoiled for life. Making pink cookies is just sooooo much more fun making white ones. The baking goods shop has sugar in green! blue! purple! ...Sigh... I'll never be able to make plain old white sugar cookies again.

I was able to be a bit more crafty for the little lady's birthday. Here are her goody bags, made of wrapping paper.

And here's her birthday dress. She calls it her 'rodes' dress (she still has trouble with the 'zzz' sound).

I'm pretty pleased with it. It has box pleats on the bodice, a hand stitched piped neckline, roses on the pleats, and roses on the sleeves. She likes it too. She's worn it 3 times this week.


  1. I'm a frequent sufferer of stupiditis - sorry it cost you your whole row. But on a MUCH happier note, your cookies look yummy and your little girl's "rodes" dress is ADORABLE! I love the pleats and the sleeves. The sleeves look like they have a little flare to them.

    :) Ann

  2. You've been very busy! Love the way your made her day a special one.

    Sympathies on the tatting oops. It happens to all of us.

  3. I'm sorry about your tatting - keep at it though... you'll get it.

    As for the cookies... I agree - colors abound (would be much more enjoyable to make)

    Since you're on 'Fasting Month' I won't torture you by sending some photos of deserts!! :-P

    Take care

  4. Hello Ann, Eliz and Lily,

    Thank you all for the condolences, they are much appreciated.

    Hi Ann, the sleeves of the 'rodes' dress does have a bit of flare. I wish I could say I planned it that way, but truthfully, the sleeve cap was a bit big, so I just fudged it. Thankfully, some accidents turn out better than others :)

    Hi Lily, perhaps photos of desserts might be a bit hard to take, but dessert recipes... that might provide inspiration instead of torture.