Friday, January 28, 2011

25 motif challenge, 2nd round

After a bit of thought I think I'll try the 25 motif challenge again this year.  There are so many more tatting designs I want to try, and the challenge is a great motivator.   I'll start simply with these 3 white snowflakes done in DMC Cordonette Cordonet Cordonnet 40.  I have a box full of different weights of the stuff, and yet when I try to type the word, I have to look up the spelling... every... single... time...  Sigh, spelling is not my strong point.

Oh well, back to the snowflakes.  These are 'Spring Blossom', 'Sunburst' and 'Pirouette' from Jon Yusoff's snowflake bookSue, one of the nices commentors around, left a note saying that she liked the 'Astral' snowflake.  I agree with her, so far, 'Astral' and 'Pirouette' are my favourites.

Three more snowflakes and I'll have worked my way through the book.  I find these snowflakes so restful, yet satisfying.  What will I do when they're all gone?


  1. All 3 are beautiful! I bet the next 3 will be just as nice too. When you are done with snowflakes, maybe you will have to start on hearts :)

  2. Those are so beautiful! :)
    And I bet they are warmer than the snowflakes falling here. :D