Saturday, April 2, 2011

FO Friday: Mermaid Hello Kitty

Thanks to Tattingrid, Sue, Tami and Faizon for the encouragement.  It really helped keep me on track.

A few deep breaths and some perseverence later, I have an FO!  It turns out I only needed 44 flowers to cover the doll (not sure yet what I'll do with the extras).  There's also a hibiscus tucked behind her ear, giving her a Malaysian flavour (the hibiscus is the Malaysian national flower).  The little lady wants to put the Hello Kitty doll on some pillows and pretend that she is a mermaid basking on a rock in the ocean.  She has a sweet imagination.


  1. Oh how cute!!!! :)
    She is so adorable!!!

  2. Whoa, that's even more awesome than I thought it would be. It's amazing!