Sunday, October 2, 2011

Motif 7: Clever onion rings

Today's motif is a little onion ring butterfly from Tatted Butterflies by Adelheid Dangela.  I haven't done a lot of onion rings, so I googled and found some lovely tutorials from Jane Eborall and Georgia Seitz.  The onion rings are worked as concentric rings, with a single shuttle.  I thought, "Oh, that's clever.  Let's try it!".

It turns out I was being too clever.  My onion rings didn't look like the picture.  The stitch count was off and the rings wouldn't lie flat.

The pattern clearly states "Work using 2 shuttles".  Onion rings with two shuttles are done by working the center round as a normal ring and the outside rounds as a series of chains.

Here's the final butterfly, with two shuttle onion rings.  I think it looks better.  It certainly lies flatter.  So, perhaps the moral of the story is: It's more important to read the instructions than to use clever techniques :)


  1. Ah, onion rings!!! I'll fess up here. The patterns I've done using them I've changed for personal use to rings with chains round!!! Onion rings aren't easy to get to lie flat and the 'trick' is in making sure the outer ring/rings don't get pulled up too tight. Having said all that the butterfly is lovely. I'm tempted to try that myself. Ah, I will have to buy the book, though!!!! Such a prettily shaped butterfly.

  2. Nice butterfly! :)
    I haven't tried onion rings, but I have tons to learn yet so I will learn them at some point I'm sure.