Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2 months and lots of pictures

Two months of blog silence...  Bad blogger, no chocolate.  Oh well, life is what it is.  I didn't stop crafting.  I'd have to be stranded on a desert island for that to happen.  Even then, I'm sure I could do something with with all those coconuts.  So, here are pictures.

Here's a tatted goat from Jane Eborall.  He's pink and he's proud!

It's a mushroom wedding.  The mushroom is from Knitting Mochimochi and the bride and groom are from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi.  My little guy asked me to make the mushroom since it's his favourite food.

A bunny family fom Mochimochi land.  Obviously, I'm really enjoying Anna Hrachovec's designs right now.

A unisex dress up bear from Tilda Filur, specially for the little lady.

My current obsession, macrame bracelets made with cotton cord, beads and charms.  I make a few every week, as a sort of reminder that I actually can craft something.  They're very satisfying.  I can design, make and finish one of these in little found moments in a day.

I should just take a picture of whatever I'm working on each day, add some links and call it a day.  Perhaps consistency is better than quality?

1 comment:

  1. I love your pink goat mine was pink too!
    I also love your mushroom bride and groom,
    At least you have something to show for your absentence from blogging.
    Hope to see you again soon