Thursday, January 24, 2013

So-so soutache

Soutache jewelry is on my list of things to learn this year.  I'm waiting for this book and this book to come out.  While I wait, I'm googling for tutorials.  The best way to learn is to try.  So here's my second attempt, loosely based on a tutorial by Anneta Valious.

I'm trying to keep my enthusiasm in check, so I'm sticking to what's in the stash.  There's still much room for improvement.  Still, it got a compliment from an unusual source.  My little guy (aged 8) thinks it looks nice.  It's always nice to get compliments from the opposite sex.


  1. A beautiful piece - I love the colours! Isn't it nice when the kids admire your work? I hope to see more of your future tries too :)

  2. I think this is beautiful, sure would love to learn how you did it. Guess it's time to start checking out different places and see just what I can come up with. Been trying to figure out how to make something along these lines. Can't wait to see more.