Sunday, April 21, 2013

Buyer beware

I bought these silver seed beads, added some turquoise beads from my stash and made this bracelet.  This is actually one of two.  The second was a gift to a friend.

I didn't realize until later that these are galvanized beads and that they're known to lose their finish.  I tried spraying them with acrylic coating to keep the finish.  My friend (the recipient of the second bracelet) told me that the finish peeled off a bit on hers.  I felt really bad and apologized, but she told me it's OK.  She just takes it off when doing housework so it will last longer.

So I've learned two lessons here.  First, it's nice to have understanding friends.  Second, if I'm going to do more beadwork, I need to learn more about my materials.  Buyer beware.

1 comment:

  1. Buying beads should be easy but I think we do have to buy from a proper bead seller or shop that way we can take them back and moan.
    Sorry your beads did not work out and how kind of your friend to be so understanding, it looks a lovely bracelet.