Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby bangle

When I saw this blog I knew I had to make a bracelet for my little lady. She loves accessories. Since she's only three, I worry about sharp metal bits and pointy pieces. I bangle made of paper and thread? Perfect!
My first two attempts went wrong. The base wrap tangled with the thread and the thread itself wouldn't line up. I think the problem is in the material. Your base can't be made out of floppy, glossy junk mail paper, and cotton balls don't work as padding.

I switched to heavy card stock and wooly serger thread and tried again. The bracelet on the left and the ring on top are the result. These went to my daughter. She's bashed them about a lot, so they look rather worse for wear.

My big guy doesn't like to be left out, so he requested a bangle for himself. He even chose the colours. I switched to plastic for the base and made the ones on the right and the bottom. They're holding up better than the paper based ones, and have even survived a few dunkings. I'm looking forward to making more of these in the future, perhaps one for myself next time.


  1. Hello there Sunshine Craft, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog earlier and thank you for mentioning my blog and thimbles in the post, too.
    As you said in the post, when making big rings such as blacelets you need much more thicker material than the newspaper inserts. Your rings, both small ones and blacelets are lovely, I especially like the colour combination of black, white, and red. Chloe Patricia

  2. Thanks Chloe Patricia, your blog is an inspiration.