Friday, January 1, 2010

Motif 1: New Year

January 1st is a good time for resolutions. One of mine this year is to blog more regularly. I have certificates, source code and papers; all kinds of things to document my professional and academic life. I'd love to have something to document my crafting life.

I think part of it is to lose the feeling that blogging is difficult. I just need to take a picture, write some notes and post an entry. I don't have to worry about the dirty laundry showing in the picture or the typos in the text. In my work, when my inner perfectionist threatens my deadlines, I tell myself 'Done is better than perfect'. I have to develop the same feeling for blogging.

In order to help me to post more (and also since I'm going through a tatting phase) I thought I'd try the 25 motif challenge. If I can manage to figure out how to sign up, this is motif #1.

This is Jon Yusoff's elegant 'Magic Moment Snowflake', done in cheap Venus crochet cotton from my local craft shop. It's fresh off the shuttles, unblocked, ends showing. However, the tatting is done. So is this blog entry.

Done is better than perfect.


  1. Oh, that is so pretty! BTW, no one cares about the price of the thread it was tatted in...just the fact that it was tatted! LOL! Incidentally, the only reason I ask what thread things are done in is so I can go out and get that or not! LOL! (((Hugs))) and Happy New Year to you!

    It sounds like you have a LOT going on in your real life...some very IMPORTANT good luck with all of that and we'll see you in blog land when we see you!

  2. Hi, I used Venus thread for crochet but I will try to tat with it because your snowflake looks really awesome.... Aminah from Singapore

  3. Well, that cheap crochet cotton sure tatted up lovely! I'd use that thread in a heart beat! Verrrrrrrry pretty colorway!

  4. Hello, really lovely tatted snowflake. I wanted to tatt myself and finally bought a pair of shuttles last year but haven't tried them yet. I have my to do list as everyone else but tatting is on "must be done" list. Happy new year. Chloe Patricia

  5. Hi Aminah, when the crochet bug hits me again, I'd love to make a little doily with the Venus thread. What size crochet hook do you use with it? It is a bit splitty and soft though, so tatting mistakes can be a bit more disasterous.

    Hi Chloe Patricia, I'm happily following the 'Share your thimbles Jan 2010'. Hopefully, I'll manage to get a thimble done in time to join. Tatting is one of the harder crafts for me. I started with crochet, so switching from a gentle tension to tight knots took effort.

    Also, the first time I tried, when I was a teen, all the instructions I had said 'complete round, tie and cut-off'. It made no sense to me, to work so hard, neatly making chains and rings, then to just chop it off. Now with all the modern techniques well documented on the internet, (magic thread, hiding ends, split rings... ) it's much more appealling. Good luck crossing it of your 'must be done' list.

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  7. oh I like this one.. I'll like it much more in blue or red :)))