Monday, February 15, 2010

Motif 3: Cluny coaster

From strips...
To blocks...
To actual motifs...
But what's this! There's a ...GASP... mistake.

So, one more try, and here's a motif I can live with. This is Mimi Dillman's tatted coaster in DMC Cebelia 20. It could be better, but honestly, I don't want to look at another cluny for a little while.

This last motif is a testament to what practice and frustration can do for you. The first one took me two weeks. The second one, fueled by annoyance, only took me three days.


  1. Congratulations! It's beautiful. Congrats are always in order when so many lovely clunies are involved. Next you'll be ready for Elisadusud designs. ;)
    Seen hers?
    I think she tats clunies the way the rest of us tat rings!
    Katie V in Creedmoor NC

  2. Thanks Katie. I just checked out the Elisadusud page. Incredible! Completely changes what I thought you could do with clunies.

  3. You did it! And you did a great job! It is indeed a bit complicated of a pattern- takes some concentration to follow the working order. I think you might like it even better if you give it a quick press or wet it and block it. My clunies are almost always torquing out of the plane of the work - it's the nature of the beast, related to how the threads leave hte leaf after closing (one up, one down). Shoe lace tie at the end can help, as can blocking/pressing. -Mimi