Monday, March 8, 2010


I got some great tips and encouragement on the previous cluny motif. Thanks Katie and Mimi.

Unfortunately, this motif didn't turn out so well. This is my attempt at Teri Dusenbery's Fantasia Fan. When she posted it on her blog last year, I nearly drooled on my keyboard; it's so beautiful. Since then, I read and re-read her articles on modern joins and directional tatting.

Finally, I tried it, in slippery, slidy burgundy silk. After three weeks of fiddling, I admit defeat. Every centimeter of that thread has been unpicked and re-done at least twice. At this point, I just don't have the skills to make this.

Sadly, Teri Dusenbery took down her patterns. I wouldn't even post this picture except at this point, it's just a mess, and doesn't remotely resemble her gorgeous fan. Perhaps, if she publishes the pattern again, I will buy a copy, gather my cordonette cotton and concentration and try it again.

So for now, I'll leave that picture up there as a lesson in humility. I have some mignonette motifs on the shuttles that are coming along nicely, so hopefully there will be some nicer pictures on the blog sooon.


  1. I also love Teri Fantasis Fan pattern. I have it some where around here. I did do her fan bookmark. I really miss her blog. Maybe try it in a thread that is not slippery.

  2. I really have to work at speedier replies to comments. Comments are so nice.
    Anyway, hi Sharon, I think you're right; using some nice cotton for the Fantasia Fan would have made all the difference.