Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Mermaid Hello Kitty

My little lady has been gently (and not so gently) reminding me that I'm making a Mermaid Hello Kitty for her.  I'm putting it up for Tami's Ami's WIP Wednesday so that hopefully it becomes an FO soon.  It's actually almost done.  The only thing holding this up is the f... ff... ff.... (hyperventilating here)...

Ok, let's try that again without the panic.  The only thing holding this up is the set of FIFTY little flowers that need to be attached to her tail and body.

Making them is not too hard.  It's the hiding ends and attaching that scares me.  The original uses yellow felt centers that look like they're glued on.  I'd prefer to sew instead of glue, so I'm planning to use french knot centers.  Yikes, I'm short two.  I could have sworn there were fifty last week...


  1. Oh, this is going to be great! Take a deep breath and get going, the reward will be SO BIG.
    Love your little creatures!~(and so will the little lady!!)

  2. WOW, that's awesome! I can't wait to see it as a FO!

  3. Anything for the little lady, right?