Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friendship bookmarks

I spent the last few days making friendship bracelets. The kiddos are getting bigger ad starting to read longer books, so these are actually being used as bookmarks.

These next ones are from patterns on  I put a little bell on the end instead of a tassel.  The kids like the tiny jingling as they carry the books around.

I used to make the usual chevron and diamond bands when I was a kid, but some of the ones on that website are just jaw dropping. See this rainbow one made with 24 strings. WOW!  I'm tempted to try it, but I think I need more practice to improve my tension first.


  1. These are very attractive. I tried this once a long time ago and somehow attached a watch to it, but can't remember how I fastened it. Can't imagine where it might be!

    The chart for the rainbow is a work of art in itself! How do crafters come up with these ideas???