Friday, June 1, 2012

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

A friend of mine showed me a little hair clip with a ribbon flower and asked me how to make it.  There are many, many ways to make ribbon flowers, but here's the method I want to share today.  If I find some willpower, maybe I'll share some more.

Step 1: Start with a a piece of 1 inch ribbon and a 50sen coin.  (This method is most useful for Malaysians).  For a 1/2 inch ribbon, use a 20sen coin.

Step 2: Put the ribbon on the table with the shiny side down. Using the 50sen coin as a guide, draw a petal on the back side of the ribbon.  Keep drawing petals until you get 5-6 petals all in a row.
Step 3:  Leave a bit of space, then cut the ribbon after the last petal.

Step 4: Take a longish piece of thread and tie a quilter's knot in it.  Just wrap the thread around the needle.  Pinch the part of the needle wrapped with thread between your fingers.  Pull the needle through and tighten to make a knot.

Step 5:  Starting from the right, do a running stitch along the petals.  Make sure to stitch almost to the edge of the ribbon

 Step 6: Keep stitching, pulling the stitches as you go until you get to the end. The petals will ruffle up as you pull.

 Step 7:  When the last petal is done, tuck the ends of the ribbon upward.  Stitch the ends together.  Take a few stitches through the center, to hold everything together.  Tie off the thread and cut it.
Step 8: Turn the flower over and embellish the center with buttons or beads.  Tadaa, the flower is done!

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