Saturday, September 8, 2012

Done doily

I finished the Clover doily by Eileen Stafford weeks ago but in the my usual style, it took me that long to hide the ends and iron it.

Here it is.  I had plans to sew it onto a nice linen tote bag.  The thing is, it's made with size 10 thread, so it's 40cm (15 inches) across.  I think I'd better use a gym bag instead of a tote bag.


  1. I can't believe that you did this with size 10, but it is lovely all the same. There must be a lot of adding new thread before you finally finished this.

  2. Working in size 10 was probably not one of my better ideas. I just thought I'd use up the thread. I think there were 4-5 sets of ends to hide in the last row alone. Thank goodness for encapsulation. Saved me a lot of sewing in.

  3. Looks good but a bit big for the tote bag, size 20 might have been a better choice, well done on using size 10