Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tatting along

Jon has a great list of people taking part in the Norma Benporath tat-along.  I've had some very nice comments (which I enjoy tremendously).  I feel rather guilty, since I'm not very good at leaving comments on other blogs, although I like looking.  Hmm, perhaps 'comment more' would be a good resolution for the new year.

Here's the mat, at the beginning of round 3.  After the giant, multi-coloured size 10 doily, I decided to use plain white size 40.  The big old hand is in the picture for scale.

I've also finished this button necklace designed by Sally Kerson.

It's a colourful necklace, but I keep rifling through my closet trying to figure out what to wear it with.  I admire Sally Kerson and Jane Eborall's ability to make things they actually wear.  For me, the brain cells that choose clothes, and the ones that choose craft patterns, live in very different parts of the brain.  Apparently the crafting cells have more fun.


  1. Looking good so far, nice colour, Mitchell said on her blog about how many we're ratting the mat and the different colours everyone is using, I agree with so many different colours this pattern has taken tall and by storm.
    Lovely necklace.

  2. Absoultely thrilled to see my necklace pattern worked, it is the first time that I have known anyone tat it and it looks beautiful.
    Thanks also for the lovely comments about Jane (my sister) and myself.

  3. Your doily is looking beautiful!!! :) And your necklace is outstanding!! :)

  4. It looks lovely in the white, very nice.

    Your necklace is glorious, perhaps worthy of a new shirt to wear it with!

  5. So pleased to see my sister's necklace made by somebody else. She'll be glowing with pride. I'll let you into a secret - I now buy my clothes to go with my tatting and vice versa!!!!

  6. The doily looks great so far. Very delicate looking!

    Also, that necklace is spectacular! So glad Sally has seen it! What a great design and use of buttons! It would look wonderful on a black turtleneck or jewel-neck jersey top. With tan or black slacks or skirt, it would be perfect for Fall!