Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What is the plural of Tardis?

It's hard to make just one bookmark. I started making a bookmark for my son's favourite teacher. I tat in public, when I wait for my kids' classes, so I ended up getting requests. Bookmarks are a quick tat, and great for using up stash, so I had a hard time saying no. I've made 6 so far.

From left to right:
Flowering Quatrain, design by Joƫlle Paulson
Anastasia bookmark, design by Kersti Anear
Russian bookmark, design by Vilushka
Tardis bookmark, design by Anne Bruvold


  1. Great bookmarks!! :)
    You sure have been busy!! :)

  2. Great selection of bookmarks, lovely pattern, I have done a lot of flowering quatrain I love that pattern, not seen the other two and the tradis not sure of the plural could it be tradises