Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Micro-macrame repeated

I can get a bit obsessive when I'm trying to learn something new.  I saw a picture of a macrame bracelet by Pandora and wanted to try making one of my own.

From left to right, the first one I tried was from a free pattern on friendship-bracelets.net.  Then I modified it a bit, to make the orange one with gold beads.  I didn't like how chunky it was, so I bought a pattern from RaquelsBeaDesign, and learned how to add a clasp neatly.

Finally, I made the eye-strain inducing pink one out of teeny-tiny micro bead cord.  Hopefully that'll get this bracelet fully out of my system, and I won't be compelled to make any more of them.


  1. Lovely! I think I like the blue one best.

  2. Thank you God's Kid and Jane, always nice to hear from you both.