Sunday, March 30, 2014

Various states of tatting

I have too many tatting projects, all of them at various stages of completion.  Here's the only completed piece.  It's Jane Eborall's 2014 TIAS.  I finished it weeks ago, but took forever to get a picture.  I really enjoyed the clever way the mast is worked.

Here are the unfinished projects.  That messy pile contains 2 doilies and an edging.  I think the only way to reduce the pile is to focus and practice project monogamy.  Unfortunately, I keep getting distracted by every shiny bracelet pattern that comes my way.


  1. You are not alone we all have unfinished projects, no doubt one day you will be posting them finished

    1. Hi Margeret,

      I do hope they will all be finished objects one day. Those doilies that really slow me down.