Friday, July 24, 2015

Simple tatting

I'm not actually doing tatting penance, but I am tatting something else for a bit.  I found this in my tatting box.

A while back, a local magazine asked about doing a piece on tatting and asked for a simple project.  I was playing around with making a simple bookmark, showing the work at different stages.  The tatting article did get published, but this project didn't get used.  I figured I might as well turn the bits into something usable.  I'm finding the simple rings and chains quite soothing.


  1. is it difficult to do tatting? i never do tatting..

    1. Salam Anys, susah jugak nak jawab tu :) Kalau nak kira alat dan bahan, memang senang. Kalau nak kira pergerakan, saya rasa senang. Tapi kita perlu teliti dan sabar.

      Saya rasa macam quilling lah jugak. Ada senang, ada susah.