Monday, September 23, 2013

A flaw in my plan

The Mystery Doily is coming along and I'm happy with the thread colour.  However, there's a flaw in my plan.  This is only the second round and that's how much thread I have left.  I'll be lucky if there's enough to finish this round.  I'm still deciding whether to go hunting for more of the same thread or to make the other rounds in other colours.

I've been itchy fingered lately, starting lots of little projects and not finishing them.  The abandoned supplies all over the place are starting to bother me, so I'm trying to spend the next week or two finishing things up.

Today's project is these tiny butterfly hair clips.  The butterflies have been sitting in a box for months now.  Today, I wrapped the clips in black ribbon, added antenna and sewed on the butterflies.  The pattern is from the One & Two Company.

Here's the next thing on the list.  Hopefully tomorrow there will be finished objects instead of a pile randomness.


  1. Love the look of your doily!! :)
    Your butterflies are so sweet!! :)
    And I can't wait to see the "pile of randomness" when it's completed projects!! :)

  2. I like the doily colour I hope you have enough to get the second row done
    Your butterflies are lovely and cute, well done

  3. I like your doily too. I hope you can find more yarn. It is so terrible to run out of yarn just in the middle of a project. Love your butterflies too. Beautiful work. Looks like you are a very creative person. Will be following your blog.