Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crafty avalanche

I finally cleared one of my piles or random unfinished craft supplies.  I was smitten by these kanzashi butterflies (by NStellDesign on etsy), so I bought the pattern and made some of my own.  Making these requires flames and metal implements.  Needles and fabric are more my style, so mine came out a bit wonky.

Still, they're pretty enough to want to show off, so I made hair clips (yes, more hair clips).

For me, finishing things often leads to a crafty avalanche, with one project leading to another.  Since the ribbons are out, why not wrap some more clips?  Why not use up some other butterflies (macrame ones this time)?

Wait, there's one more kanzashi butterly left!  So why not make a bag?

Oh, and since the sewing machine is all set up, how about another bag?

So now, six finished items later, after many trips to the cupboards to pull out fabric, thread and all sorts of other knick knacks, I'm finally done.  The supplies have all been put away, and hopefully, the avalanche is over.

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  1. Fabulous butterflies!!! Love the differences in all of them!! :)