Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Little touches

My latest baju kurung is done.  I've made dozens of these, so it's hard to get excited about it.  Still, it's those little touches, the hand stitched necklines and hems that make a home made piece of clothing worth the effort.

The shawl is pinned out and drying.

While I attempt to wait patiently, I'm reviewing the small projects sitting around my table, trying to chose one to finish off.  (Let's not even think about the big projects; the huge doilies and edging stuffed in any free nook or cranny)

From left to right, there's a tatted motif, some rainbow loom flowers and a crochet soft toy.  I suppose I'd better tackle these before I start something new.


  1. Blocking the shawl really shows how lovely it is! I like the fabric you used for your sewing.