Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tissue foil

I thought I'd show origami shells again.  They are all folded with tissue foil which is a layer of aluminum foil sandwiched between layers of tissue paper, all held together with mounting spray.

This is the first time I've folded tissue foil.  It's weird stuff.  You can erase folds and scrunch and sculpt it in fun ways, but if I spend a lot of time folding with it, the back of my teeth start to ache.

The top two are the hawk wing conch designed by Robert J. Lang.  The bottom left ones are the sea snail shell and the spiral shell designed by Toshikazu Kawasaki.  The shell in the middle bottom row is designed by Davor Vinko.

In other crafts, I've pulled out the sewing machine and started work on my baju kurung.  I read this article about serging and finally got around to teaching myself how to finish serger threads.  This is the neatest underarm seam I've ever done!

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