Saturday, December 11, 2010

Motif 15: Butterfly

This is the vintage butterfly from Heidi Nakayama's site. It's a simple, elegant pattern, but for some reason I kept making mistakes and had to redo the upper wings two or three times. I think when there are no split rings to keep me on my toes, my mind wanders.

The original plan was to put this on a tote bag for myself. I made a tatical error though by leaving it out on my table. The little lady found it. With shining eyes, she told me it was 'sooo pretty' and could please I make her a dress with it. Sigh, who can resist a four year old with a smile and a please.


  1. Yes, 4 year olds do have that effect on us bigger girls. It has to make you feel even prouder cause she liked so much that she wanted to show it off everytime she wares it. It is a very lovely butterfly. The colors are great together. However you could wait until she out grows the dress & take it off to put it on a tote bad like you want. Just a suggestion.

  2. That's a very clever suggestion! I'll design the dress so that the butterfly can come off easily, and hope she doesn't get too much chocolate on it :)