Monday, December 27, 2010

Motif 21: Plain sized snowflakes

I have chunky snowflakes and tiny snowflakes, so these are just plain medium sized snowflakes.

These are from Jon Yusoff's snowflake book. The first is Oasis in Anchor perle 8. The second is Floret in the DMC perle 8. The last is Astral done with 3 strands of metallic embroidery thread, 2 blue one silver. Next time I use the metallics, I won't mix colours. The effect is more heathered instead of sparkly.


  1. They all look great! But the blue is my totally awesome favorite! :)

  2. Your motifs to finish the challenge are all beautiful! The spring garden is lovely - that piece alone would have fulfilled numerous motifs for me :) my pieces were all fairly small except for one doily.

    Best Wishes for 2011!

  3. Oops - I posted this comment on the wrong post :(