Saturday, December 25, 2010

Motif 20: Christmas rose

This design is called Rose du Noel so this seemed like the best day to show it. It's by the immensely talented ElisaduSud, translated and diagrammed by the equally talented and generous Mimi Dillman.


It's done in DMC perle 8. I'm rather disappointed with this thread. It's pricier than the Venus crochet cotton I normally get, so I expected better quality. Instead the dye doesn't go to the core of the thread, so little white blips show through.

I was making these clunies privately, in the wee quiet hours of the morning. I was getting comfortable, so I popped it into my bag to tat-on-the-go.  This was a bad idea. Let me show you...

Clearly, my clunies aren't quite ready for public life.


  1. I think it's quite pretty and I love the color! :)

  2. Nice Rose du Noel! I think you did a great job.

  3. LOL! That's the problem with big projects. Everyday when you do a part of it, it reflects you that day; so one part will be wonky, one part will be too tight and never really often, perfect. Well at least with me it happens like that LOL

    Oh by the way, I think tatting with 'soft' thread like perle is really hard, especially on getting the tension right. Try tatting cotton which is slightly 'stiffer'. Makes a difference for us beginners. Try it. Leave the perle cottons to the pros :D