Sunday, December 12, 2010

Motif 16: Tiny snowflakes

I'm still working my way through Jon's snowflake book. I've stayed away from the black thread, so my taste for tiny things has returned. These are all made with size 80 thread or smaller. Although tatting with tiny thread is OK, trying to wield a needle to hide the ends is still daunting. I'll wait for the morning, and better light.

The first is called 'Circle of Crowns'. With that name, it had to be worked with gold thread. This is two strands of clover embroidery thread; yet another metallic thread that I now hate. This stuff is like barbed wire. I have a bandage on my finger because it was shredding my ring making hand.

The other two are 'Radiance' and 'Minaret' in Anchor 80. I think I'm being slowly converted to Anchor instead of DMC thread. The variegated colours are more fun.


  1. They all look amazing! I love it when snowflakes are made with colors! Sorry to hear that you hurt your hand with the metalic thread.

  2. Lovely, those colourful snowflakes! You asked me how I attach 6 arms of a snowflake to a 4-hole button? Well, what I did was in fact adding 12 rings (e.g. like your pink/white flake in the middle) to 4 buttonholes = 3 per buttonhole. That makes it a lot easier!